From Patterning to Algebra

From Patterning to Algebra: Unit Expectations

Here are the Curriculum and Connections expectations for this unit.

Grade 8 Patterning and Algebra

(1) Number Talks and Chronological Photo Gallery

This is a gallery of everything we've studied during this unit, in the order we've studied it. Hopefully, this will show how the four different types of activities we do in class are tied together (number talks; strategy walls and math journals; 3-act math and inquiry problems; and exit tickets).

When I do a 3-act math problem or an exit ticket, I am usually aiming for a conceptual understanding of the problem. I often find that this needs to be supported by a series of number talks, which help teach the skills underlying the concepts.

(2) Strategy Walls and Math Journals

[Watch this space for updates.]

(3) 3-Act Math / Inquiry Problems

  • The Coke Problem

[Watch this space for updates.]

  • The Pizza Problem

This problem was complex enough for its own post.

(4) Exit Tickets

  • The Hexagonal Prism Tank Problem

The purpose of this problem is to help students understand the relationship between the area of a base of an object and its volume.

Download as PDF (printable): 2016-05-10-from-patterning-to-algebra-gss-filling-hexagonal-prism

Download for Word (editable): 2016-05-10-from-patterning-to-algebra-gss-filling-hexagonal-prism