Grade 8 Welcome Letter


Dear Grade 8 Parents and Guardians, Welcome back! We hope you had a safe and enjoyable summer, and we look forward to getting to know you and your children this year. We will be the grade 8 homeroom teachers for this year. Below, you will find answers to many of the questions you may have about your child’s grade 8 year.

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List of Teachers

Here is the list of your child’s teachers for this school year. The easiest way to contact us is by e-mail. The format for a teacher’s e-mail address is

  • Homeroom: Mrs. Kelley or Mr. Barr
  • English Language: Mrs. Kelley
  • French: Mr. Barr
  • Mathematics: Mr. Barr
  • Science and Technology: Mr. Marsh
  • History: Mlle Samaha
  • Geography: Mlle Samaha
  • Health: Mr. Barr
  • Physical Education: Ms. Dean
  • Dance: Ms. Dean
  • Drama: Ms. Dean
  • Music: Ms. Tremblay-Beaton
  • Visual Arts: Ms. Dean

Clear communication between parents and teachers is key to a successful year. As such, we would like to bring your attention to some of the ways that we can communicate about your child’s progress this school year.

School Supplies

In order to ensure your child’s success, the following supplies are recommended.

  • Pens, pencils, erasers
  • Binders (either one large binder with dividers, or several small binders)
  • Looseleaf paper or exercise book
  • Graph paper or exercise book
  • Calculator with visible operations, geometry set (ruler, protractor, compass)

Newsletters and Websites

  • Kelley and Mr. Barr begin each unit with a newsletter that outlines all of our learning goals in each strand. We also provide a list of activities that you can do with your child to help him/her better understand the concepts taught throughout the unit. The first one of these will come home as a paper copy; all subsequent newsletters will be posted on the class website.
  • The main Walter E. Harris website is ca/school/waltereharris. From here, the “Teacher Pages” link leads to the pages of each teacher
  • All of our leaning goals, success criteria, exemplars, mentor texts, rubrics, and major assignments will be organized by strand and posted on our websites. If you are curious about what we’re working on in class or have any questions about assignments, please check the websites out regularly.

Assignments and Evaluations

  • All marked assignments will be sent home with a rubric and percentage grade so you are aware of your child’s progress. We kindly ask that you sign and return the rubric the next day so that we know you saw the mark. Each child will keep his/her marked assignments in a portfolio at school. It is crucial to his/her success that you return the evaluations promptly. If you would like more time to look over the assignment, please write a note in the agenda.
  • Assignment due dates are not flexible unless there are extenuating circumstances. We will also send home a pink slip anytime work is not submitted on time, to ensure you are aware. The pink slip will be filled in by your child indicating which assignment was not submitted, the date, and the reason why. We ask that you kindly sign that return the pink slip the next day.


Mrs. Kelley and Mr. Barr


We also occasionally send home reminders and updates by e-mail. Please provide email addresses for any parents and guardians who would like to be contacted by e-mail.

Student’s Name:

Parent or Guardian’s Name Email Address