DDSB Elementary and Holiday Calendar 2016-2017

For ease of reference, here are the regular DDSB Elementary Calendar, the Holiday and PA Day Calendar and the DEAA Calendar for the 2016-2017 school year.

2016-2017 DDSB Summary Calendars

This is a summarized list of the important dates this school year for our school. The PDF also contains the calendars for the modified school year (page 2) and for high schools (page 3).

Download as PDF: 2016-2017 DDSB Summary Calendars


2016-2017 DDSB Elementary Regular Calendar

Wondering what school day it is today? This is a year-at-a-glace breakdown of all school days, professional activity days and holidays.

Download as PDF: 2016-2017 Elementary Regular Calendar

Report to Committee of the Whole

2016-2017 DEAA Calendar

This is a month-by-month breakdown of all important events for the Durham Elementary Athletic Association, from September to June.

Download as PDF: 2016-2017 DEAA Calendar