From Patterning to Algebra

Learning Goal and Success Criteria

Over the course of this chapter, we want students to understand that pattern rules, tables of values and graphs are simply different ways of visualizing patterns. There are a number of specific expectations that we want to cover, listed in the following photos.


Before starting, we added a number of new words to our strategy walls. Students don't need to memorize the words, but they do need to understand them and be able to use them when they are working.


The first project we worked on for this section was, "Graduation". Here, we wanted to start really using tables of values, pattern rules and graphs to solve problems. Here is a variety of answers, with comments on each. I kept one hypothesis, and then a bunch of graphs and tables of values.

New Success Criteria

After completing the "Graduation" problem, we constructed new success criteria based on what we learned. Here they are.

New Success Criteria

Exit Ticket

This exit ticket tested each student's ability to use what they learned in small groups, by applying it to a specific problem. Students were allowed to use everything from their strategy walls, including the success criteria, to do this problem. However, the problem was done individually, in class.

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2016-03-04 From Patterning to Algebra - Pattern Rule