1.4 Calculating Powers

Calculating Powers it the fourth section of Chapter 1: Number Relationships.

Introduction to Powers

First, we defined a power as a numerical expression that shows repeated multiplication. We broke out linking cubes and did a couple examples of different multiplications, squares and cubes using those, to help clarify different aspects of powers.

Example #1 explains how powers relate to repeated multiplication.2015-10-28 1-4 Calculating Powers 1

Example #2 compares the differences between standard multiplication of two numbers, and repeated multiplication of the same number.2015-10-28 1-4 Calculating Powers 2

Activity: Stacking Paper

This activity is meant to help students realize how powers apply to the real world. We have the example of cutting a pile of paper in half and stacking it a total of 20 times. Most students started by actually cutting paper apart and calculating the height of the stack of paper. After a couple cuts, they started to have difficulty doubling the stack.

Some students decided to move on to a table of values from there, which allowed them to figure out the pattern and to propose a solution about the 20th cut.2015-10-28 1-4 Calculating Powers 3

Support Questions

The support questions for this section are on p. 18: #3, 5, 6, 7, 12.2015-10-28 1-4 Calculating Powers 4