1.2 Prime Factorization

Prime Factorization is the second section of Chapter 1: Number Relationships. In this section, students learn how to use factor trees to decompose whole numbers into their prime factors.

Introduction to Prime Factorization

First, we defined prime factorization and looked at some examples. We actually used linking cubes to do this. For an example, see the activity on Factor Blocks.2015-10-23 1-2 Prime Factorization 1

First Examples

Next, we tackled some bigger numbers, that couldn't be calculated using linking cubes.2015-10-23 1-2 Prime Factorization 2

Last Example

Here, we wanted to find all of the factors of 1050. We found out we could sort of do it using the prime factors. It was quite a bit faster than the previous method we had, but there were more opportunities to make mistakes.2015-10-23 1-2 Prime Factorization 3

Support Questions

The support questions we chose for this section were: #5, 7, 8, 9, 10.2015-10-23 1-2 Prime Factorization 4 2015-10-23 1-2 Prime Factorization 5