Grade 8 Math and French Planning

Today was all about choosing the order in which we want to study math and French this year. The Nelson Math textbook breaks the year down into 12 chapters. One of the French textbooks we use breaks the year down into 16 units. So, after breaking into smaller groups, we decided to order what we want to study, starting with what seems the most important and the most interesting. Here are the results. To download the original Excel file we used to tabulate the results, click here: 2015-09-08 French and Math Order of Importance


Each class (Barr homeroom and Kelley homeroom) divided up into four groups. Each group numbered the chapters by perceived interest and importance from highest (#1) to lowest (#4). We used Excel's autosum feature to calculate the total, and the sorted the data from lowest to highest. The lowest number was our first choice and the highest number was our last choice.

So, with that in mind, it looks like we're starting Chapter 5: Measurement of Circles tomorrow. We will definitely get through all of these chapters this year, as well as a small unit on tesselations.

2015-09-08 Math Order of Importance


We used the same procedure for French, and we are starting natural catastrophes tomorrow. Because we will also be relying on other resources to meet the French curriculum, we will probably only cover about the first half of these subjects this year. We need to devote other time to presentations, projects and novel studies.

2015-09-08 French Order of Importance