11.3: Volume of a Cylinder and Other Platonic Solids

This is the third section of Chapter 11: Geometry and Measurement Relationships. This section's learning goal is to "Develop and apply a formula for calculating the volume of a cylinder." After that, we list the volume formula for spheres, square-based pyramids, rectangular prisms, isoceles triangular prisms and cones. The one example for this section compares the sizes of three cylindrical jars, and asks students to find how many more jellybeans the biggest jar can hold than the smallest. Students must figure out the volume of the cylinders in order to complete the question.

For the other volume formulas, we didn't go into too much detail on how to develop the formulas. To save time, we simply listed what the formulas are, and asked students to start working with them.

Download as PDF: 2015-05-28 11-3 Volume of a Cylinder

Here are the two pages of notes for this section. Scroll down for support questions.

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Support Questions

The support questions for this section are on page 380 and page 381. Students should at least attempt all questions. We assigned questions #7, 9, 10 (calculate, not estimate), 11 and 13 through 20.

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