Chapter 8: Equations and Relationships, Grade 8 Math

This is Nelson Mathematics 8, Chapter 8: Equations and Relationships. It's one of my favourite chapters, because it really gets students ready for grade 9. Section 8.1: Solving Equations by Graphing

Definitions: Equation, Solution to an equation

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Section 8.2: Representing Pattern Relationships

Definitions: Dependent variable, Independent variable, Slope-intercept (y-intercept) form, x-axis, y-axis

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Section 8.3: Creating and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions


Support Questions for Section 8.3IMG_0288 IMG_0289

Section 8.4: Solving Equations I

We did example 1 by adding the $100 cost of gas to the total cost, then starting at the origin and using a graph to figure out how many lawns we would need to mow to get to $525. If I were to do it again, I would start at -$100 and go to $425, because (1) it's a better model of the situation, and (2) it exposes students to a graph they probably haven't seen before.

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Further explanation of the relationship between tables of values, graphs and equations


Section 8.5: Solving Equations II


Extra Practice for Solving Equations


Answers to some of the previous problems


Chapter 8 Test Preparation Questions


Answer to question 1, addition of question 5