Grade 8 Math: 1.7 Exploring Square Roots and Squares


The objective of this section is for students to understand how to calculate the square root of a number. More importantly, students should understand that calculating the square root means finding a number which, multiplied by itself, gives the result in question.

The section starts by introducing the square of a number as that number multiplied by itself. Essentially, students should learn that squaring a number means multiplying it by itself. A common misunderstanding is that squaring means multiplying a number by 2, and this should be clarified with the students.

Next, the students are led through an example where they need to find a whole number square root, using the idea of multiplying that number by itself to find the square. Students then move on to estimating a non-perfect square, and can go as far as calculating 4 decimal places. Once students understand how to estimate by multiplying a number by itself, they can move on to using the square root button on their calculators.

Finally, students explore the idea of estimating a square root by finding which two perfect squares a number is between.

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