Grade 8 Math: 1.4 Calculating Powers


The goal of this lesson is to teach students how to evaluate powers through repeated multiplication. They will investigate some of the properties of powers. The lesson starts with some reminders about multiplication: (1) it commutes (i.e 2*3*4 = 4*3*2) and (2) it is the same as repeated addition (i.e. 3*4 = 3 + 3 + 3 + 3). We then proceed to define "power" as a numerical expression that shows repeated multiplication, and give an example.

Students are given a simple power (2^6) and, with the teacher, write it as a multiplication and evaluate it, then are given four practice questions.

The final example is a word problem. Students are told they have a choices between two prizes, the first based on multiplication and the second based on an exponential increase with base 2.

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