Juicing for Four: Making Processed Food Work for Us


It's been an interesting two years. Since having kids, Sharon and I have had less and less time to get things done. At the same time, it's made us focus a lot more on what's most important. One of the things we've prioritized is what we're eating, but it's gotten increasingly difficult to find time to make sure we're all eating healthy. After our second child was born, I sort of fell off the bandwagon with regards to making juice every morning, a habit I picked up after watching the documentary, Hungry for Change. (Those of you who've watched it might note that the juice in the picture goes against the principle of drinking mostly veggies with some fruit.)

After doing a bit of research, the solution I've been trying is to make juice in larger batches. Rather than make 1L of juice in the morning, I've been making 2-3L of juice once every couple evenings. From what I've read, you do lose nutrients this way. However, I feel it's still better than the alternative, namely, drinking juice once or twice a week.

The advantages have been immediately apparent: it cuts down preparation time in the morning, giving us a few more precious minutes in our rush to get out the door. I've been feeling more healthy, though I realize that's subjective and hard to quantify. And the big advantage has been in consistency. We've been drinking juice every day, rather than once every couple days.